Quality seal “ARGENTINE FOOD fresh apples and pears”

Fresh apples and pears may be stamped “Argentine Food”.

Bioeconomics were approved by Resolutions No. 1-E / 2018 and No. 2-E / 2018 US Food and, Quality Protocols “fresh apples” and of “fresh pears”, as a requirement for the right to use the Seal “Argentine Food” and the reinstatement of 0,5% Additional on export duties.

Both protocols are in addition to quality 40 ya made official for different foods, Argentina Food recognizing excellence and differentiating our products in our country and the world. These protocols define and describe the quality attributes of the apples of the varieties of Malus domestica Borkhy, and pears varieties obtained from Pyruscommunis L.

In the documents we worked together with experts from companies interested in obtaining the seal, Agribusiness and Min, with the participation of IINTI; INTA, and SENASA. It should be noted that, so far there have been food exports that have the Argentine Food stamp, por fob values ​​of U $ D 3.662.917.

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Source: Undersecretary of Food and Beverage, Ministry of Food and Agribusiness Bioeconomy Ministry of the Nation.-