Resolution 1291/2012 – Creación isologotipo “organic Argentino”

It is in our interest to report that the day 31/12/2012 It was published in the Official Gazette Resolution 1291/2012 the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries by which the isologotipo "Organic Argentina" is created in order to clearly identify organic products produced in the country in terms of the Act 25.127.For more information, please find attached the press release and the full text of the standard (which can also be displayed in / attachments / 205000-209999/206732/norma.htm).

On the other hand, on the website ( / Organic), using the button “Organic logo” It found in the menu on the left, you can download both isologotipo .pdf and .ai (Illustrator),as well as the press release and the full text of the resolution.

Gacetilla Resolution Logo Organic Argentina

Res. 1291-12 – Logo Organic Argentina