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Certification Technical Manager

Professional degree or Engineer Agronomist or agriculture or veterinary or zootechnical or food.

Minimal 2 years of experience in agricultural production activities and / or agro-ecological before or after finishing academic studies mentioned.
Knowledge in tropical agricultural production, of coffee, cacao.


  • Direct contact with customers in the region, business profile.
  • Conduct the evaluation of the inspection report.
  • Conduct annual risk analysis for all projects.
  • Issuing certification decision in accordance with procedures, instructions and catalog penalty.
  • Coordinate the effective implementation of procedures level changes, instructions and certification policies that affect their areas of performance and relevant communication who is responsible.
  • Define the monitoring and surveillance of certification processes, based on address validation and ensure its implementation.
  • To train, preparing the proposal for initial qualification and conduct assessments of inspectors.
  • Receive all inspection reports and to evaluate it so.
  • Perform and monitor technical communications sent to customers.


  • Excellent handling personal relationships.
  • Focus on results.
  • Planning and organization.
  • Proactivity.
  • Reactivity.
  • Autonomy.
  • Teamwork.
  • Pressure tolerance.


Evaluation Manager

Job title: Engineer agronomist or agriculture, veterinary, livestock.


  • Minimal 5 years of experience in agricultural production activities and / or agro-ecological before or after finishing academic studies mentioned.
  • Field experience / audits.
  • Knowledge of quality management system.
  • ISO standards knowledge / FOOD SAFETY.
  • Knowledge monitoring indicators.
  • Intermediate-advanced English knowledge.
  • Desirable skills in interpreting laboratory test results (waste)


1.- operational management:

  • Defining and monitoring the annual evaluation plan and definition of the necessary resources to achieve this plan.
  • Monitoring of deadlines and assessment tasks performed by auditors.
  • Creation, validation, implementation and monitoring of the annual risk management plan.
  • Ensure that the inspection planning is done properly and on time.

2.- Management skills:

  • Hiring staff assessment.
  • Implementation and monitoring of the initial qualification process for auditors, including theoretical parts (training) and practices (Observation and Monitoring).
  • Creation, implementation and monitoring of the annual training plan for auditors (inspection methodology, procedures, tools and regulations).
  • Conducting annual evaluations auditors.
  • Decision on qualification for auditors.
  • Implementation and monitoring of qualifying conditions and corrective actions decided after monitoring and evaluation.
  • Creation, implementation and monitoring of the annual monitoring plan.
  • Approving and managing conflicts of interest for auditors.

3.- Quality Management:

  • Claims management activities related to evaluation.
  • Monitoring of internal and external audits: response and implementation of corrective actions.
  • Establish quality goals (deadlines, quality reports, Customer feedback, etc.)