ARGENCERT certifies a wide range of products: fruits and vegetables, grains and cereals, bakery, oils, juice concentrates, wine, jams, honey , Beef and Lamb, poultry, aromatic and medicinal herbs, wild products, the, yerba mate y textiles, etc., developing specific rules for each case, line with national and international requirements.



SENASA – EU – USDA Organic – IFOAM Accredited – GLOBALGAP


Organic Certification

The recognition of the organic quality of their productions require a certification accepted both at home and abroad. ARGENCERT is widely known in the major world markets, supported by private and official accreditations most requested by international buyers of organic products.



Thinking about growing, is essential to have quality certifications to sell and export their products. ARGENCERT can give all the certifications you need to prove to their customers home and abroad the quality of its production.


Other Certifications

Organic production requires the use of inputs accepted by the standards of organic certification programs demanded by the various buyers . ARGENCERT, after a careful evaluation process, recommends those most appropriate inputs to each type of organic.