Who We Are

We are dedicated to certification from 1991. We guarantee the organic quality of a product from its origin to the final result, certifying both raw and processed products and the compatibility assessment of inputs.

Over the years we have added other services such as certification of good agricultural practices, good manufacturing practices, GLOBALG.A.P., UTZ CERTIFIED and other.

We participated in many fairs, congresses, seminars, commissions and task forces national and international. The continuous updating of our staff allows our certified producers always have available information on the requirements of all the world's markets.

We performed multiple international consultancies for FAO and IFOAM on various current issues, such as regulatory harmonization and social justice.

Since November 2016, ARGENCERT is part of Grupo Ecocert.

The ECOCERT Group has operations in more than 130 countries through its 26 subsidiaries. ECOCERT has gained international recognition which allows you to certify organic products on national and / or international. The name and the ECOCERT label are registered trademarks worldwide, and they have the confidence of consumers, the organic sector and authorities.

ARGENCERT, con ECOCERT, You can propose a wide range of products and services to its Argentine customers: ecological agriculture, processing and inputs, organic cosmetics, fair trade products, organic textiles, ecological green spaces, home fragrances and organic cleaning products.

ARGENCERT is a member of the IFOAM Affiliate Board (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), de OTA (Organic Trade Association), founding partner and member of the MAPO Board of Directors (Argentine Movement for Organic Production) and from CACER (Chamber of Food Certifiers for Organic and Related Products).