Sustainable Agriculture Programs

Good farming practices, demonstrates food safety and sustainability in production.Improves business performance, reduces waste of resources and demands greater production efficiency.
basic tool for obtaining safe food for human consumption.
HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
ID, risk assessment and prevention of pollution throughout all processes of the supply chain, establishing preventive and corrective measures to control and ensure food safety.
Sustainability Self-Assessment Protocol Winery Wine Argentina
It aims to strengthen environmental sustainability, social and economic and competitiveness of Argentina's wine industry in the long run.
Argentine Food Stamps
It is a seal of quality that promotes immediate recognition by the consumer, a characteristic and consistent quality over the standards set by the Argentine Food Code.
It is a sustainability program for coffee, cocoa and tea. This program improves productivity, the quality of products and efficiency, caring for people and the environment.
For Life
Standard for the certification of Social Responsibility.
Fair For Life
certification neutral, third party for Fair Trade and responsible supply chains. Based on a continuous improvement approach.
Rainforest Alliance
Promote environmental responsibility, social equity and economic viability of farming communities.