The new edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit ( was held in San Francisco on 22 January-23.

Improving efficiency in the food supply chain was the resounding message from the summit, which brought together more than 160 senior executives of the food industry.

The general consensus of the participants of the summit was that intensive production methods were not the only solution to feed the growing world population.

Sustainable agriculture has a role in improving the social and environmental impact of food, while reducing food waste may extend the supply base, reduce food inflation, and improve food security.

Encontrará más detalles en el SFS NA Postsummit 2o13.

It is in our interest to report that the day 31/12/2012 It was published in the Official Gazette Resolution 1291/2012 the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries by which the isologotipo "Organic Argentina" is created in order to clearly identify organic products produced in the country in terms of the Act 25.127.For more information, please find attached the press release and the full text of the standard (which can also be displayed in / attachments / 205000-209999/206732/norma.htm).

On the other hand, on the website ( / Organic), using the button “Organic logo” It found in the menu on the left, you can download both isologotipo .pdf and .ai (Illustrator),as well as the press release and the full text of the resolution.

Gacetilla Resolution Logo Organic Argentina

Res. 1291-12 – Logo Organic Argentina



24 a 26 November 2012, Bonn, Germany

ARGENCERT be present with the participation of our principal.
Organized by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) the "Bonn Sustainability Conference 'includes a series of events that aim to provide a thorough analysis of sustainable agriculture guidelines and policy recommendations for the sector.

The rounds of discussion on sustainability can be divided into several expert workshops, lectures and a field trip, before moving to a public debate forum, where renowned international leaders in sustainability visions share their practical experiences in the foreground, personal meetings with participants . The forum, in turn culminate in a public presentation of the findings of the four-day exchange.
See the attached PDF for additional information.

To download the full program project, please visit our website / sustainabilitydays

Registration will open on Monday 27 August.