Friday 1/3 ARGENCERT the executives were summoned to a meeting in Chief of Cabinet of the National Government, under the Patagonia Project, to provide data and information of the organic sector in order to add actions and synergy of work.

By ARGENCERT attended Mr. Vincent Morel, Regional Director of Ecocert Group, and Mr.. Mario Passo Executive Director of ARGENCERT S.A.

By Chief of Staff, Mr. Sebastian Lew and Ms. Marina Porcel de Peralta, those in charge of Patagonia Project.

He also participated Miss. Melina Melinsky, representing the Argentina Investment Agency and International Trade.

The meeting took place in the White Hall of the Casa Rosada, leaving raised several lines of work and collaboration to find solutions and proposals for the development of the organic sector and support for domestic producers.

From ARGENCERT and Ecocert Group appreciate the call and the possibility of collaborating raised through institutional means in this important project.

We want, further, MAPO thank for having generated the workspace with Chief of Staff.

Thanks to our prestigious institution sector is growing and progressing so superadores.

Located in the Organic Demonstration Unit of Las Termas de Río Hondo, Center Organic Seed Production, first in the country, and it is in production stage seed quality organic leafy vegetables and cucurbits, registered by the Inase (National Seed Institute), and certified under organic standard by the Certifying Argencert-Ecocert.

This space was inaugurated in April of the year 2018 and it emerged through intersectoral work from the Provincial Bureau of Agroecological Production, Organic and Traditional, Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock Ministry of Production which is made up of representatives of management bodies state and private . (Ucse- Unse, Inta-you-Coopsol- Moa International-INCUPO- Municipality of Las Termas de Rio Hondo-Ministry of Production-Producer Associations).

The Center has Inase enrollment and organic certification, Facing seed production of quality organic leafy vegetables and cucurbits. The present joint work is the result of joint work carried out through the strong support and collaboration of Inase, National Advisory Commission for Organic Production, the Undersecretariat of Food and Beverage, Secretariat of Agribusiness, Ministry of Production and Labor's Office, the Ministry of Provincial and Local Production Production Table. “This initiative seeks to promote the improvement of the competitiveness of current and potential agri-food producers in the region, with a key input like seeds of organic quality, especially for those that guide and addressed their products to a growing market as organic“, they highlighted.

Source: the liberal

Below we share the note published on 10 February in the Journal Viva Clarin, regarding market-based organic wines in an interview with Lic. Mario Step.

Download the note by clicking here