COVID-19 Measures taken to ensure their certifications

Dear Customer,

The rapid expansion of COVID-19 becomes a major concern for all. As agency
certification, auditing with our teams on the ground, health and safety are a priority
constant for us. In this epidemic context, we believe it is our duty to keep
informed of the measures that have been implemented in our organization in order to ensure their
certification as we continue to provide our service in the safest possible way.

Since late January, in our headquarters a specialized team is monitoring
the official recommendations of the World Health Organization, as well as all
national governments that maintain certified operations. This team reports regularly
all employees on the situation, It provides safety tips to limit the risks
pollution and ensure our operations in each affected country.

We have taken strict measures immediately around the Ecocert group, prohibiting all trips
to and from affected areas (whether international or local) and imposing restrictions clear
travel in areas not officially affected.

Interruptions audit programs may be unavoidable. Despite these disturbances,
our goal is to continue to provide our services and maintain their certifications in progress, without
endanger or its operations or its employees. On this topic, We are in close
contact with the relevant authorities, as well as owners standards, to apply,
as far as possible, alternative solutions such as the extension of the validity of certificates,
or audits distance. These options will be studied case by case basis depending on
our risk analysis.

Within the framework of reliability that we intend to deliver on our solid business relationship, have the
security we support you in this difficult time,

Philippe THOMAZO


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