Argentine Statement

The commercial inputs to be used in Argentine organic production are evaluated and approved by SENASA for such use., must previously meet the registration requirements for use in conventional production, in the respective registries of SENASA and other competent areas of the public administration.

The approved commercial inputs make up the “Official List of Supplies Suitable for Organic Production”, disseminated through the SENASA website, being able to be used by the universe of organic operators.

ARGENCERT offers the evaluation service of commercial inputs to be presented to SENASA for inclusion in the National List, in accordance with the guidelines regarding its evaluation and approval established in the Nota Oficial APN-SENASA-DEYARI N ° 12884290/2019


other regulations

ARGENCERT, as part of ECOCERT Group, It offers a documentary review of inputs to validate the compliance of commercial products with different organic standards in the world:

  • -EC European Ecological Regulation 834/ 2007
  • -National Organic Program USDA (NOP – U.S.A)
  • – Canada Organic Regime (COR – Canada)
  • -Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS – Japan)

The accepted inputs are listed in the List of INSUMOS.BIO of ECOCERT website.

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