GLOBALGAP Certification

What is GLOBALG.A.P.?

cartera_globalgapGLOBALG.A.P. is a program and a global reference for Good Agricultural Practices. The program Principles GLOBALG.A.P. are based on the following concepts:


  • Food safety – derived from the application of general principles of HACCP
  • Environmental protection – according to regulations designed to minimize the negative impact of the Agricultural Production Environment
  • Health, Occupational Safety and Welfare – criteria of occupational health and safety on farms, and greater responsibility and sensitivity to social issues
  • Animal welfare (where appropriate) – following guidelines of animal welfare on farms


Why Certify?

Consumers are increasingly looking for information on the origin and development process of the products they buy. ARGENCERT certification guarantees the buyer that the product corresponds to what you are looking for, and our customers access security and recognition in international markets.


How to achieve GLOBALG.AP Certification Standards?

To achieve certification GLOBALG.A.P. it must meet the following steps:

  • Read and familiarize yourself with the rules GLOBALG.A.P. (General Rules and, Control Points and Compliance Criteria) for the system output to be certified.
  • Implement in your production system the GLOBALG.A.P Standards. (as set out in the document Control Points and Compliance Criteria).
  • ARGENCERT request certification, completing the Request GLOBALG.AP Certification.
  • Sign the Certification Agreement GLOBALG.A.P., which commits the GLOBALG.AP Standards Compliance, establishing the inspection schedule and the cost of certification.
  • Perform a self-inspection system.
  • Receive inspection ARGENCERT.
  • Producer certificate is issued in accordance with the Standards GLOBALG.A.P.