Organic Certification

Control is the process that helps ensure the organic quality of a product, verifying compliance with the Organic Production Standard corresponding, as the target market for that product.

For selling is a marketing tool. For buying is a guarantee of confidence.

Program ARGENCERT – ARGENTINA Act regulations 25.127

Its requirement compliance ARGENCERT Standards Manual.

This program allows certified operators in Argentina to market their organic products both domestically and countries of the European Union and other destinations method . It also allows operators certified in other countries to commercialize bound for Argentina.

The ARGENCERT Standards Manual has been prepared in compliance with the rules of organic production Argentinas plant and animal, The Law 25.127, its Regulatory Decrees No. 97/01 and 206/01 and SENASA Resolution No. 374/2016 and its amendments, on par with the European standard, Law (EEC) Nº 2092/91, resolutions (EC) N ° 834/2007 and 889/2008 and its amendments (under the conditions defined in Annex III RCE 1235/2008).



The program allows operators to use certified hallmark of IFOAM. It is complementary to ARGENCERT Program, It is required compliance with the Manual of Standards ARGENCERT.

Program Eos – Third Countries, bound for EU:

Allows operators certified in other countries commercialize to the European Union. It also allows marketing to non-EU equivalent scope in Argentina (not. Wine). From August 2018, ARGENCERT offers the service through the ECOCERT Group, It is required compliance with the environmental standard Ecocert – EOS (Ecocert Organic Standard). For more details enter

ARGENCERT Argentina-Japan Program:

This program, also complementary to ARGENCERT Program verifies compliance with the terms of the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for organic vegetable products destined Japan, recognized as such at the destination.


Programa pops

The National Organic Program (NOP, for its acronym in English) the US. establishes the requirements for the products they want to be traded on that market. It is administered by the Department of Agriculture US. (USDA) and it has a requirement to comply Organic Regulations (USDA organic regulations) 7 CFR Part 205. ARGENCERT offers NOP certification through the accreditation of the ECOCERT Group.




ARGENCERT verifies compliance with the requirements of the Swiss certification for operators under ARGENCERT program can use their logo.